SHVSS Single high voltage cable cleat

CMP SHVSS single cable cleat is a composite cable cleat which has been designed, constructed and tested in accordance with the International Standard ‘cable cleats for electrical installations’ IEC 61914:2015 to ensure the securing and retention of cables, without sustaining damage to the cable(s).

The stainless steel section of this cable cleat can be optionally coated with an extremely high performance UL94 V0 flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke & fume, low toxicity polymer alloy coating which is resistant to: impact, abrasion, salt spray, chemical attack, weathering & UV and is perfectly suited for use in rail and tunnel applications.

SHVSS cable cleats are designed to be installed as a system for use with High Voltage cable installations and are manufactured to suit a specific cable diameter.

Fabricated in non-magnetic 316L stainless steel, giving it high creep strength whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance in the harshest environments. Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) fixed liners are standard, helping to restrain the cables within vertical applications, providing a layer of protection for the cable sheath and the cable cleat during normal operation where thermal elongation of cable occurs, protecting the cable from chafing on any mounting surface due to differential movements such as those found in marine and offshore applications. The Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) liners also assist in the extra protection of cables in the event of short circuit fault conditions.


  • Third party certification to IEC 61914
  • 316L stainless steel with a polymer liner
  • Low Smoke & Fume (LSF) as standard
  • Operating temperature -50°C to +60°C


Type SHVSS -
Single High Voltage Stainless Steel with a polymer protective liner
Design Specification IEC 61914:2015
Temperature for permanent application -50°C to +60°C
Needle Flame Test Pass
- 120 second flame application time
Material 316L Stainless Steel with Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) polymer alloy coating and liners
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Product Selection Table

Part No.DescriptionCable Ø
Short Circuit
Short Circuit
Dimensions (in)
1 sec1 secWHDPFixing Hole Ø
SHVSS096104Fixed Type3.780-4.094Contact CMP7.0475.5637.0083.3462 X M16
SHVSS142147-IJ5.591-5.78763kA160kA8.7407.4457.0085.3152 X M16
SHVSS144155-LSTA5.669-6.10263kA160kA9.0167.6977.0085.3152 X M16
SHVSS149158-PR5.866-6.22063kA160kA9.1897.7247.0085.3152 X M16
Part No.DescriptionCable Ø
Short Circuit
Short Circuit
Dimensions mm
1 sec1 secWHDPFixing Hole Ø
SHVSS096104Fixed Type96-104Contact CMP179141.3178852 X M16
SHVSS142147-IJ142-14763kA160kA222189.11781352 X M16
SHVSS144155-LSTA144-15563kA160kA229195.51781352 X M16
SHVSS149158-PR149-15863kA160kA233.4196.21781352 X M16

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