Explosive Atmospheres

CMP Products specialises in the design, engineering and manufacture of cable glands for use in explosive atmospheres. As such we have developed a dedicated range of cable glands and accessories, which protect equipment sited within areas at risk from explosion.

A number of standard methods of equipment protection have been established and adopted into codes, which allow CMP and other manufacturers to have our products tested and certified for expected outcomes, to the relevant standards.

National or international guidelines and codes of practice may vary, but as a guide, the following table provides an overview of the typical forms of equipment protection which have been adopted by the IEC. It is important to check the standards local to installation:

Typical Forms of Equipment Protection
Designed to prevent the flammable mixture reaching a means of ignitionEx 'nR' Restricted Breathing type'nR'
Designed to prevent any ignition from arisingEx 'e' Increased Safety type'e'
Designed to prevent any ignition from spreading Ex 'd' Flameproof Enclosure type'd'
Designed to limit the ignition energy of the circuitEx 'i' Intrinsic Safety type'i'

In Canada and USA, an alternative structure of classes and zones/divisions has been adopted in the Canadian Electric Code (CEC) and National Electric Code (NEC). Further information on the use of CMP cable glands under NEC and CEC codes is available on our Americas specific NEC and CEC pages.