Flameproof Sealing Methods

Typically there are five different types of sealing methods used on, or in place of the cable inner bedding; four of which utilise a sealing ring, and a fifth which uses a barrier seal, such as RapidEx, to accomplish the same Ex protection method.

The selection of sealing method will be impacted by the relevant installation standard and will also play a key role in determining which cable gland is used. This in turn must be determined by the type and physical characteristics of the chosen cable.

It should be noted that not all cables are the same and the physical characteristics of one cable made by a certain manufacturer may differ considerably from another manufacturer’s product, even when the general specification is the same. For the avoidance of doubt, CMP’s technical team can carry out assessments for the most appropriate selection of both gland and cable.

The general types are shown below. Please click on the image to view a brief description: