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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Explosive Talks at HazardEx 2017

CMP was selected to present to an audience of more than 100 electrical and process safety experts at this month’s Hazardex conference in Cheshire (UK).David O'Brien CMP

The presentation by Technical Compliance Manager, David O’Brien, explored the significant update to electrical installation standard IEC 60079-14, in edition 5.0, and the BSI Standards Committee’s response to this.

David guided engineers through the maze of current requirements and opinion on the effective sealing of cable glands in hazardous areas; a topic that is rightfully receiving a great deal of attention and coverage.

Harnessing over 20 years’ experience in the  explosive atmosphere industries, David joined a number of chosen process safety experts from a range of backgrounds, presenting papers of key importance to the this safety critical industry sector.

HazardEx is the latest technical conference at which CMP has presented, following on from other highly regarded seminars in the field, including the Petroleum & Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) conference and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) conference in Canada.

The HazardEx technical exhibition and conference has expanded to become one of the most important events in the process safety calendar; with the conference establishing a reputation for its high-quality seminars for hazardous area and process safety specialists.

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