Cable Gland Installation Guidelines

Installation of cable glands must be carried whilst following the appropriate codes of practice, local regulations and in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Installation should only be carried out by a competent person, with relevant knowledge and skilled in the installation of Cable Glands. Training can be facilitated or provided by CMP Products.

In accordance with the above, the following guidelines will help ensure that the installation of cable glands ensures a safe and reliable connection:

  1. Care should be taken to avoid damage to entry threads when handling and installing Cable Glands.
  2. Do not install cable glands whilst circuits are live. Similarly, following energising of the electrical circuits, Cable Glands should not be dismantled or opened until the circuit has been safely de-energised.
  3. Cable gland components are not interchangeable with those of any other Cable Gland manufacturer. Components from one manufacturer’s product cannot be used in that of another, doing so will affect the safety of the installation and invalidate any explosion protection certification.
  4. A Cable gland is not a user-serviceable product and under certification protocols, spare parts are not permitted to be supplied for products that have already been put into service.
  5. Cable gland sealing rings are included within the cable gland when despatched from the factory. There should be no circumstances where sealing rings need to be removed from the Cable Gland.
  6. Care should be taken to avoid exposure of Cable Gland sealing rings to dirt, hostile chemicals/substances e.g. solvents, and other foreign bodies.